Top Five on My Bucket List

In 2016 I took the time to write out a bucket list prompted by a weekly link-up hosted by my friend Kelly. She hosted a Friday 5 round-up which was a helpful way to keep bloggers accountable for writing something at least once a week.

I loved Kelly’s weekly prompts. I haven’t reviewed my bucket list for a long time. However, reviewing this list reminded me that we are created to dream! When we write down goals we are more likely to pursue them, even when we forget we’ve written them down.

Top 5 on My Bucket List

Four years ago our two boys were both starting to gain independence. This exercise reminded me I still had a lot of life ahead with time available to seize opportunities to thrive in my own passions and interests.

Here’s what I wrote as I dreamed about the future:

My kiddos are becoming more independent with each month that passes. I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities they have been exposed to like learning horseback riding. developing their swimming skills and playing team sports. I have a bucket list of my own which seems to lengthen with every step of independence my kids take.

Here’s the Current Top 5 on My Bucket List:

Learn to Play Guitar: 

In Junior High music class consisted of learning to play the guitar for a few months.  I really enjoyed it and would love to be able to play more than scales. (2020 update– Levi has taken up guitar and thanks to his amazing teacher who happens to live across the street he’s disciplined in improving every week and rapidly improving. It’s still on my list to learn, however, I think this one is going to wait a bit as my guitar is currently occupied.)

Travel to Greece and Tour Paul’s Journeys 

I remember when I traveled to Europe in high school with my choir.  It was so humbling to be around such amazing cathedrals and such.  When we traveled to Rome someone in our group pointed out that Paul had possibly walked the same streets.  I have to admit I’d yet to connect the dots on that, but at that moment, the Bible got a little more real. I’d love to see all the places Paul walked. (2020 update– still a dream of mine and obviously this one is going to have to wait until travel restrictions change before we can even begin to consider this one.)

Finish my Book Lessons from the Sidelines

I’ve had a book project that is in the works. Some day I hope to publish and turn many of the thoughts on this blog into a book. (2020 update– If I had to pick one thing on this list to accomplish I have to admit it wouldn’t be this one, yet I can now check this dream off my list! One of the amazing things about this bucket list item is that at one point my book took a very different direction, yet somehow it ended up coming back to this original dream.)

Master Knitting 

I really enjoy crochet, embroidery, and knitting.  I find it relaxing to create something with my hands.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to spend much time focusing on anything but the basics.  I’d love to knit myself a sweater someday! (2020 update- I’ve fallen in love with loom knitting and have found a few awesome designs that make this sweater dream inching closer!)

Attend IF: Gathering in Person 

Our campus ministry hosted IF: Local last year and we intend to do so again this year. It was a great time and I have learned a ton from each of the conferences!  I’d LOVE to grab a few girlfriends and experience everything in person. (2020 update– I’d still love to attend this event, however, since travel is restricted at this point I’m thinking it may be a few years at least before I entertain this dream again.)

2020 Additions:

Finish Embroidering a Second Quilt

Years ago I embroidered the pieces for a quilt and a friend helped me finish it so that it’s a full blanket. I bought all the pieces to make a second one and then I joined my Mastermind Group and started writing Lessons from the Sidelines and set aside all crafting. It’s time to pick it back up.

Learn Calligraphy

I have a kit with fancy pens and a book all ready to go. I just need to set aside some time in my block calendar for some creative time. I’d love to shift from spending so much time on my computer to spending some more time crafting.

Do you have a bucket list? If you haven’t taken time to dream lately I suggest you spend time thinking about some goals. They can be as simple as learning a new craft, or a extensive an overseas adventure. Regardless of your future dreams, let’s take time to remember that part of life includes thinking about the future successfully.

Lessons from the Sidelines front cover final

As the wife of a football coach, Beth Walker encourages women whose families are in the public eye to pursue their own callings even as they support their husbands’ careers and ministries. Through her personal stories as well as interviews with other women who are also living just outside their husbands’ limelight, Beth shows it’s possible to do both.

Originally published June 10, 2016. This content has been edited and updated for freshness and relevancy.

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  1. You rock! We mamas do put ourselves last and don’t allow ourselves to dream. Hopping here from Crying in my Cheesecake…and I may have cried in some Friday!

  2. Love your list! And I love that you are dreaming some dreams for yourself. I am not so interested in the knitting or guitar; my fingers and I don’t agree on such skilled movements. But the rest of it is high on my list. I would LOVE to go to Greece! Thanks for linking up!

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