Two Month Powersheets Review

2018 Powersheets Lessons From The Sidelines

I’ve been working through Powersheets for two months now, and I thought it might be helpful to offer my experiences for consideration. For those of you trying to decide if a structured goal setting platform is right for you, the first thing you will find is that there are thousands of goal setting structures available.

For me, the thing that sets Powersheets apart is that similar to my daily routine, I am able to set personal, family, and work goals on the same pages. Additionally, each month a blank sheet provides the freedom to restructure long-term and short-term goals. This allows me to prioritize my kids’ activities which switch frequently.

Re-Evaluating Monthly

At the end of each month, Powersheets provides a small space to quickly reflect on the previous four weeks.

A few examples of questions include:

  • I’m especially grateful for
  • Someone I’m grateful for and why
  • I’m choosing GRACE over guilt about

The final two questions guide me to ask what I’m saying yes to and what I’m saying no to in the next four weeks.

Realistic Expectations

The biggest thing I’m taking away from Powersheets is the difference between my long-term/big ideas and the monthly actionable steps needed to achieve each goal. When I took the time to plot out each goal I originally set in January I realized to achieve them I would need to engage in tasks from 6:30 am-9 pm every weekday as well as a concentrated amount of time on Saturday.

Entering February I cut my goals almost in half and realized yet again I needed to prioritize and restructure. I have found that keeping Emily Ley’s A Simplified Life ideas front and center has been key to my task and goal editing process.

“Create flexible routines so each part of your life works together rather than competes for time and attention.” Emily Ley A Simplified Life

Flexibility is key with kids and life as a freelancer. I have deadlines, goals, and dreams. But I also have children and a husband in a present stage of life we will never enter again. It’s more important to me each month as I reflect and answer Powersheets reflections the list of regrets is as short as possible.

Ultimately, that’s why I love Powersheets the most. They are reminding me daily that slow and steady still amounts to gains and goals met.