We Know Our Call

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today. Here’s a preview:

Browsing through movies the other day, I noticed a theme. Big, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, Like Father Like Son, and 13 Going on 30, all considered fan favorites, involve the main character seeing the world from an entirely different perspective.

In most of the movies I’ve highlighted above, characters make a wish and swap bodies. The characters evolve as they come to realize how difficult or stressful things are for the person in the opposite storyline. They move from assuming the other person’s life is easier to realizing that they also carry a bag of worry, stress, and challenges. It’s easier to empathize with their counterpart as they literally walk around in their shoes.

In the movie Big, starring Tom Hanks, Josh, the main character, wishes to be big and wakes up the next morning an adult. We watch with delight as Josh reminds the adults at MacMillan Toy Company that life is about more than earning money. Eventually, Josh misses his family and realizes that being big isn’t as important as he once believed.

 In The Parent Trap, a set of twins raised in separate homes by their divorced parents switch lives to learn about the parent they haven’t previously met. They both feel betrayed and let down after missing out on a relationship with their respective non-custodial parent.

The funniest and most endearing parts of these stories occur when the characters fumble through learning to live in their counterpart’s shoes. Of course, what makes each movie delightful is that the characters learn to appreciate their own lives as well as to respect the person whose shoes they temporarily fill.

As Christians, we have this same opportunity every day, and we don’t have to do anything as ridiculous as swapping lives with a teenager or learning to live on our own in New York. All we have to do is choose to see our fellow global citizens as equally valuable in God’s eyes. Continue reading here…

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