Weeds part 1

August is such a crazy month when you have school-age kids. Whether you choose public school, private or homeschooling August is the time when you prep to send them off or start up again. It is the time when you squeeze in the last bits of vacation, sporting events, and summer fun.

For us, August 1st denotes the end of summer and the end of time with Daddy. My husband enters the world of college football, and the luxury of having him home by 5 pm for dinner becomes a distant memory until next May. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE this time of year. My kiddos (5 and 3 1/2) have a calendar hanging up with a countdown to when “the guys” come back to campus, and the first game. They have special “game day” gear, snacks, and travel games. They think they are pretty cool when they get to help fill water bottles at practice or ride the bus home with the players. I get to take most of the month off from cooking, and we eat dinners with the team in the dining commons.
This year we are entering the world of Kindergarten, and I’ll admit, I’m a little sad to have to do it myself. Hubs can’t take the morning off like other dads to come to see the room, have breakfast the first day of school, and hold my hand while I try to be brave and say goodbye to our firstborn for a whole day of school. Many of you reading this may be thinking so what, my husband can’t do that either, he works downtown or out of town, but here, in this college town, we’ll be in the minority. The most challenging part of this will be the lack of flexibility to grab lunch with Daddy on a particularly rough day. Kindergarten is all day, and when kiddo gets home, practice will be starting.
What’s a wife and mom to do? What do you do when you have 2 daddy’s boys who will spend the next month watching him run around with other guys and trying desperately to stay awake for a good night kiss. What do you do when you have to explain that yes, it is our time with Daddy at dinner, but someone else needs him right now, and we have to share that time. What do you do when your kiddos are fighting only because they are sad and want to express it.
Every year I’m learning new tricks, new ways of explaining and new fun things to do. We’ll help fill water bottles at practice and bake cookies to hand out at practice. We’ll surprise Daddy with breakfast in bed on Sunday and lots of snuggles. We’ll have players over for meals and teach them our version of “Go Fish” and show off wrestling moves, and we’ll spend the month being VERY grateful for all the amazing people in our community who have that particular instinct and know-how to step in and distract, extend some extra patience and are willing to give Momma a break. Finally, we’ll count down the days to the first day of classes when practices go from 3 to 1 a day and game day is just around the corner…you see, for us, August is our January, our “new year.” New players, new teams to compete against, new coaches, new opportunities….doesn’t matter what the record was last year, we start fresh 0-0, every August, a new chance, a new season…
Life is similar, isn’t it? Regardless of what you are currently dealing with, the phrase “this too shall pass” is probably relevant. But what do you do until it passes?