What God Wants For Christmas

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What God Wants for Christmas
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Because we live so far from family it’s been hard to keep consistent Christmas traditions going.  Partly because year to year we have been with different family members meaning our boys haven’t always woken up in the same house for Christmas, let alone their own

When our boys were young they were gifted this adorable Christmas set.  It is a great activity for Advent and over the years I’ve enjoyed seeing my kids remember more and more of the story.  This has been one tradition that has been easy to keep up with.

Each night you read about a certain person and they are in the box.  You unpack the box and put them in the nativity.  As the nativity is built up each night my boys would get more anxious wondering what it was God wanted for Christmas.

The great thing about this story at first was that it helped my kids realize that other people want Christmas gifts.  Secondly, the story is beautifully written and opened my boy’s eyes to the many different people who were present on the day of Jesus’s birth.

I’m not going to give away the ending, but I will tell you that if you are looking to start an Advent tradition with your family, this might be a place to start.  The story is written for kids of any age and as far as traditions go…this sure beats the elf on the shelf! 😉