What I Learned: Fall 2017

What I've Learned

This fall our family experienced the first season of high school football on the sidelines. It was entirely different for our boys who only knew the chaos of college football seasons. They kept asking why my husband was around!

What I learned in the Fall of 2017:

I learned that the time spent planting seeds in our sons when they young about serving our football teams has taken root and begun to sprout.


I learned God has been leading me towards a life statement through experiences for quite a while, but things look clearer now. Read my life statement here.

I learned I can write 31 blog posts, but other things will need to be set aside to accomplish the goal.

31 Days on Delight

I learned that sometimes God uses the craziest situations to remind you of how present he is in our lives.

Psalm 73:22-24

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