What I Learned – Spring 2018

what I learned spring 2018


I love taking time for a quarterly review of life with Emily P. Freeman.  March, April, and May were exciting months for our family.

I turned forty and our oldest became a teenager!

You can read my letter to our son here. I embraced this new decade with joy and anticipation and I’m still not regretting that decision.

I was also reminded this quarter of how far a coach’s impact can reach with time and energy invested. We had such an amazing weekend catching up with former teammates, coaches, players and wives. Taking time to publically thank Andy was a small but special part of that time.

Work/Life balance is a constant work in progress

My Powersheets check-in, as well as my chat with Daniel from First Team Fathers, were great reminders of how far I’ve come in a long and short amount of time as well as how much life we have walked through as a married couple and family of four.

In our current season, we are all thriving in different ways, but we aren’t without our pain points. That’s life though, isn’t it? A constant work in progress.

I’ve Missed Reading

I’ve been wrapped up in writing the last six months and both crafting and reading were set to the side. I’m so thankful to have a reason to read as a part of the Holy Hustle book launch team. Crystal Stine’s timing is perfect.

I also listened to Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown recently and Cory Booker’s United. A benefit of working from home is being able to listen to audiobooks while I work!

Reviews of all three books will soon post on my blog.

What have you learned this spring? I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman. We’d love for you to join the conversation!