What I Learned – Winter 2019

What I Learned Winter 2019

Six months ago I willingly jumped on a short term crazy train of sorts. The opportunity to take on an extra client for a few weeks meant we could meet come large financial goals months quicker than anticipated. I knew it would be a stretch, but I also knew there was an end. I was covering a maternity leave. What I didn’t anticipate was how long it would take me to bounce back from the physical and mental stress of that season.

The biggest lesson I learned this winter is what rest looks like these days.

Here’s What I Learned Winter 2019

I learned to rest with our boys means heading to a sports event.

Even though our life usually revolves around football, these days your most likely to find us on the soccer field. We’ll shift to basketball in a few weeks for our older son. The routine of practices and everyone in our house heading to a game together. It’s so fun to see how their skills develop each week and how hard they work to be good teammates.

I learned that rest with girlfriends means acting like a kid.

Chuck E Cheese

I headed south to hang out with my girlfriend a few weeks ago. Her daughters had yet to experience the Chuck E. Cheese around the corner from their house. We had so much fun on our girls’ night out. It was great to be in a space where for an hour everything was hands-on and everything was a yes. Watching the girls have fun was great, but getting to join in the fun was even better.

I learned rest sometimes means turning everything off.

Valentine’s Day weekend our sons joined their youth group on a weekend retreat and we enjoyed a weekend Staycation. Even though my email box, Slack, and social media notifications (for my job) piled up making for a hectic start to the work week, the time away was so needed!

We finally got around to watching The Greatest Showman, went to dinner and a movie and even played a board game, Even though these are all things we can do now that our boys are older, there was something freeing about removing the need to squeeze in a date between someone else’s schedule that added a layer of much needed rest.

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