What I’ve Learned February 2018

It’s our quiet season, but we our weekends are still filled with sports. We’re cheering from the sidelines of indoor soccer, archery and basketball these days and I’m so thankful for volunteer coaches and amazing opportunities.

The past few months I’ve transitioned from a season of intentional stillness to a season of expectantly waiting with a position of readiness. I feel a freedom to say yes, but interestingly the opportunities which have crossed my path have resulted in no’s for the most part.

Here’s What I’ve Been Learning:


A position of obedience does not immediately open a door. My #oneword2018 is Ready, but two months in I’m still not sure for what.


I can meet a goal if I set my mind to it, but every goal requires saying yes to one thing and no to something else. I read 20 books this year, and I didn’t have any time for crafting. This year I’m focusing on reading 12 books and finding space to create.

Simplifying is a Constant Work in Progress:

“Create flexible routines so each part of your life works together rather than competes for time and attention.” A Simplified Life by Emily Ley