10 Things I Learned This Winter

10 Things I Learned this Winter 2020

I can hardly believe we are about to turn the calendar to March! The third month of the year is one of my favorites because Ordell and I both celebrate birthdays in March and it’s also the month that we’re supposed to say goodbye to cold weather, but I’m not sold on that one yet for this year. Before I start looking too far ahead, it’s time to do a little reflecting for Emily P. Freeman’s quarterly link-up What I Learned.

10 Things I Learned in Winter 2020 Include:

I learned that it’s great to get away every once in a while even if it’s only for 24 hours. When Ordell was coaching college ball we were intentional to schedule time away in between the season and recruiting or just after the heavy travel season. We both needed uninterrupted time to focus on each other. Since we’ve transitioned to the high school and our boys are older I’ve felt so spoiled by how many dates nights and weekend breakfast dates we get these days it never crossed my mind to keep our post season routine going. Ordell went above and beyond this year pulling off a huge surprise and I have to admit, not only was it a ton of fun, but I REALLY needed that time away.

I learned about Dad’s Day traditions at the University of Illinois Football and I was an emotional mess. Watching those proud dad’s on the football field cheer alongside their daughters and run their sons onto the field before the game so beautiful. It was easy to see the joy in their faces and also the respect they had for how hard their kids were working every week to earn their degrees.

I learned I can survive my baby turning into an official teenager. I don’t know why but some birthdays are harder than others and I was dreading this one. We celebrated with a family dinner at a local restaurant and ordering a gift off his wish list he’d saved for a very long time.

I learned my word for this year is Pursue. Sometimes I know this year months ahead of time, but year God didn’t clarify my one word until very close to the end of 2019. It’s been a great word for me so far, I’m interested to see how the rest of the year goes, but as far as one words go, it’s the most interesting one for me in the ways God is moving and the things he’s teaching me.

I learned burnout is always something I’ll need to stay attentive to even though I understand the 5 stages and key ways of how to avoid burnout.

I learned so much about the value of trying softer from my friend Aundi Kolber’s new book! It was SO fun to be a part of her launch team! I used to participate in book launches frequently but since I’ve been focusing on my own writing project the past two years I’ve had to pull back. I consider Aundi a friend and there was no way I was sitting on the sidelines for her first book Try Softer. Little did I know how much the timing of this release would be exactly what I needed in those weeks as well.

I learned that hands down my absolute favorite blog posts each month are the ones where I get to celebrate Wives Who Thrive. This summer I featured several coaches’ wives who were thriving in the coaching life and it was awesome to see the creative ways they are all using their gifts and strengths to glorify God and contribute to their families’ budgets. I’ve decided to continue those posts but I’m opening the monthly spotlight to any wife who is thriving and it’s been SO fun to read all the submissions. I love celebrating other women flourishing in their sweet spots!

This winter I learned a TON about what it takes to put together a successful retreat. I am so amazed at how God blessed our first Pursue Coaches’ Wives retreat and I continue to sit in awe of how he is moving in all the lives of the women who attended the weekend. I cannot stress enough how special it is to partner with Fellowship of Christian Athletes in this new venture. Read all about my reflections from the weekend here.

I learned once again how easy it is to take time to be kind. With more military families deploying I’m reminded again that as coaches’ wives we have an opportunity to serve our local communities and support the military families around them.

I learned how much I continue to treasure inheriting furniture from family. I’m becoming more sentimental about our home decor with each piece I collect. Now that our boys are older and understand how to take care of things it’s so nice to have history and memories in every room.

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman for another quarterly round up of What I Learned.

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