When Football No Longer Includes Recruiting

Football and Family

It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and our household is experiencing yet another new normal. We are adjusting to the fact that postseason lives no longer revolve around recruiting, travel, late night phone calls, and many interrupted family outings.

This is not a blog post where I will explain how hard the life of a football coach is, or how his family suffers.

Still, there is a broader conversation to be had about the postseason life. In our current situation football began the first week of June and it ended mid-October. That means that for six months including preparation leading up to practices and postseason meetings and such our lives have prioritized football.

Football has Dictated:

  • Where we travel
  • When we travel
  • Entertaining at our home
  • What activities we participated in (or didn’t) on the weekends.
  • Who we have to spend energy cheering on and serving
  • So much more

This isn’t something that is a surprise, it’s the life our family is used to living. But now, for the first time ever, football will be on the back burner until summer comes back around.

Coach is Still Working

Just because football won’t be dominating our lives doesn’t mean our coaching staff isn’t working. There is much to be accomplished in the offseason. Every great team knows wins and losses are determined in the effort placed in the offseason. 

Our future team’s success begins the day the season ends.

  • Several nights a week players and coaches stay after school to lift weights.
  • Film can continue to be watched and evaluated
  • Eligible players are those with good grades
  • Players can get out and practice skills such as running routes, catching and throwing
  • Playbooks can never be studied enough

So, if you are a parent who wonders when football season will end, I’m here to tell you that for your coach one season just rolls into the next. If you want your child to have success on the field, you will encourage him to put in the work off the field now.

We love our bonus time with Ordell. His presence at the dinner table is significant. As a family, we know things will shift in a few short months until then, we will milk it for all we can.  The football life looks different for everyone. For us, at least for now, that means our favorite coach isn’t on the road traveling, which is fine by us!