When You Only Have Energy For Today

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today!

Here’s a preview:

When my brother-in-law was discharging from the military, he and his wife needed to make a lot of decisions. As an outside observer, I was jealous—they could choose to live anywhere they wanted. I imagined all the exciting possibilities that could come with a fresh start while my sister-in-law held her breath and prayed for God’s peace to cover her fears of the unknown.

Fast-forward several years. My husband and I are the ones facing transition while everyone around us seems to be rooted in their communities. We, too, have the option to consider any place in the country to look for employment. That is as freeing as I once imagined, but also overwhelming. In addition, goodbyes are never easy, but this change has involved so many unknowns that the goodbye part has been an afterthought. I keep telling myself we can focus on the transition when we know where we’re headed, but for now I have energy only for today.

Jesus directly addresses what feels like a survival instinct to me. In Matthew 5–7 he saw a crowd gathering and went to a high spot on a mountain so everyone could hear him. In the middle of this event, often called the Sermon on the Mount, is a section on worry. Continue reading here