When You’re Left Behind

I’m writing over at Friday Night Wives about moving. Here’s a preview:

We’d lived in a small town for six years, bought our first home, and started our family. Still, we were there for one reason; to coach football. And that meant that when God called us to move, we would go.

As soon as our head coach announced he was moving the questions started. Would we stay? Would we go with our head coach? The truth was we had no idea what would happen, but that was not a satisfactory response for our community.

I’d prepared my answers for my Bible Study carefully, knowing I couldn’t tell the full truth to these women I held dear. My husband was interviewing for jobs around the country as well as the now vacant job at our current college, but those were not details I could share. I had anticipated all but one statement, and I was confident I would get through the morning without tears regardless of current season living in limbo.

It took less than five minutes of questions before someone I’d considered a friend burst out in frustration. “I wish you were the one leaving and they were staying.” My stomach sunk a bit as a gasp went out, but I bit my tongue. I wanted to snap back, “Me too!” But that wouldn’t help the situation, so instead, I sat in stunned silence.

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