Working Remotely 101

I’ve worked remotely since 2014 and I’ve loved every minute of the flexibility my work has allowed. One of the most frequent subjects I receive questions how to get started with remote work. I’m featuring my most popular content as well as everything you need to know to succeed if you choose to market a business, book, or podcast.

Everything You Need to Know About Working Remotely

Working remotely requires strategic thinking. There’s a learning curve to resisting the temptation to work odd hours. When your office is just down the hallway it’s often tempting to squeeze in a few additional hours of work when you’re facing a deadline. But life without boundaries puts us at risk for burnout.

Marketing 101

As a Content Strategist, I spend the majority of my days helping small businesses tell their stories online to their ideal customers. It’s my joy to work with so many amazing clients. However, not everyone is ready to outsource their marketing strategy. Many people who are looking for flexible employment become independent contractors. Flexibility is attractive, especially when you move frequently. However, along with the opportunity for flexibility comes the need to build a business.

When you work from home no one knows you’re working unless you tell them!

You’ll file your taxes as a self-employed worker, so why not launch a business that allows you to pursue your calling? You’ll need a marketing strategy and a little patience to get things in order. And sometimes it’s helpful to delegate! If you’re uncertain as to how much marketing support you need take this short quiz and learn more about the Simplified Digital Marketing Course I’ve created with my marketing team.