Year 18 – An Anniversary Reflection

Ordell and Beth Walker

Happy 18th Anniversary Ordell

We are yet again surrounded by boxes. In a few weeks, we will be settling into another new house and calling it our home. Thankfully, this move is one of the less stressful ones since it’s just around the corner, in the summer, and into a bigger space than we currently occupy.

This January I watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and you half-joked that it was time to move as I purged room after room, but now we’re both glad I spent that time getting rid of all that unnecessary junk once again because it’s making packing and purging go quickly. It feels like a small victory in the timeline of the past 18 years. Knowing that some routines are worth the time even when they aren’t applicable every year.

One way to measure our timeline is by moves and almost moves. Another by more football games than I can remember, more players than I can count. So many meals cooked, so many moments stolen, so many times when we wondered what was coming next.

This year we learned that our 40’s are going to be what everyone promised, a whole new decade of discovery and adventure. We’ve learned more about ourselves than the past several combined. That has also brought a new closeness between us and I’m thankful for that as well as the honesty closeness brings.

This next year we will face having a high schooler, a child who will soon learn to drive. Another football season is on the calendar as well as the completion of a long book project and the next steps that come with that, and of course, settling into a new house.

Change is our only constant and I’m thankful for the way we grow and change together. I’m most thankful for the ways that we give each other space to pursue the nudges we feel from God. Partnering together and trusting God is guiding us well is the most comforting part of our past and our future.

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