To the Coach’s Wife Who Thinks She’s Failing…

I always have high hopes for August.

When Ordell was coaching college and players reported to campus the first few days of the month I had a few weeks of days with a flexible schedule. I would purge our closets and storage areas, organize the pantry and put freezer meals together, and in my more ambitious months I’d paint a room like a bathroom or learn a new craft.

When I started working outside our home again, I tried to maintain the same August routines. Purge, stock up on freezer meals, and learn a new fun skill. But I failed, or at least I FELT like I failed. My August routine wasn’t the same, and I was frustrated.

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you it never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do the same things because I had sixteen fewer hours at home each week. Instead I increased my caffeine intake to focus more and sleep less.

I’m sure you’re aware this craziness only lasts so long, and what I knew but chose to ignore is that when your body is exhausted, you crave carbs and sugar. In tandem my stress, weight, and misery increased.

By the time I found an endocrinologist (after we moved and went through another football season) my hair was falling out in clumps and I could barely stay awake for more than a few hours.

My unwillingness to pace myself in personal or career goals almost left me bedridden, and I share my story in the hopes, my friend, that if you are telling yourself you are failing that you will stop right now and evaluate your situation.

You are doing a fantastic job! More than that, if you were doing half of what you are juggling you would STILL be doing a stellar job of getting through each crazy day. Ready the rest over at Friday Night Wives

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